pearl harbor

pearl harbor was a bad insudent that happed on december 7 1941.The Japanese attckked by planes and boats.The attckked lasted two hours .The boats did most of the wreckig .The plane did not do that muck wreckig as the boats . There has five boas that did not get dsrored .A.K the names of the ships was the Arizonia.

9/11 refection



I think that 9/11  was a very sad day. Many people died , a lot of people where hurt . What hapen  is a tairist hijack a airplane and crash into one of the worldtrade shrter . Then more tairist hijacked one more plane. And crashed it into the 2 tauwer  killing ever one a board of the plane. two more plane had been hijacked one in the penogon one in a flerd.